The Keeyp: Official Card Game

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2-6 Players | 20 Minutes | Ages 7+

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Build your Keeyp

Tired of playing the same map every game? In The Keeyp, players build out the map while they search for the key. Once someone finds the key, it's up to everyone to stop them from finding the gate and escaping.

Unique Characters

The Keeyp currently features 12 quirky characters known as Keeyplings. Each one has its own special ability and stats. Make sure to choose your Keeyplings wisely.

Get Equipped

Along your journey you'll find weapons, shields, and other helpful items. Use them to make allies or ruin friendships as you race to the gate.

What's in the Box?
- Rule Booklet
- 12 Keeypling Cards
- 35 Keeyp Tiles
- 36 Item Cards
- 1 Key Card
- 6 Player Pieces
- 7 Dice

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